Berkeley Historical Plaque Project
Chronicling our City’s History


The Berkeley Historical Plaque Project was established in 1997 with sponsorship from the City of Berkeley and its Landmarks Preservation Commission, the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association (BAHA) and the Berkeley Historical Society (BHS).

“S.P. Train, Shattuck Ave.,” postcard (ca.1909), Sarah Wikander collection.

“S.P. Train, Shattuck Ave.,” postcard (ca.1909), Sarah Wikander collection.

In 2002 the Project was honored by the California Preservation Foundation with its prestigious President’s Award.  In that same year the Mayor and Berkeley’s City Council unanimously commended Project members for “their tireless efforts to make Berkeley’s history a vital part of our present community.”

Perhaps chance meetings with plaques have enhanced your experience of our unique city and heightened your knowledge of its history. This website augments these plaques with images and supplemental information. Since we are unable to mount plaques everywhere, we have added a section of e-Plaques—texts and images that exist solely on line.

Archway, San Pablo and University Ave. (ca.1930), BHS postcard

Archway, San Pablo and University Ave. (ca.1930), BHS postcard

The size of our popular e-Plaque section has grown quickly. These colorful online texts document Berkeley through the eyes of its residents. E-Plaques explore the multi-layered nature of our city’s past. They document both popular, well-known aspects of Berkeley’s identity and less well-known cultural and historical ingredients. Hopefully they will inspire you to submit texts of your own.

You can now browse the site at home or use your smart phone to find nearby historical sites on our interactive map while wandering the city.

We would like to introduce new Project members: Tom Dalzell, Sarah Gill, Diana Kehlmann, James Samuels, and Christopher Wagstaff. If you would like to learn more about them or the other volunteers in our Project, go to About Us. Thanks to our Sponsors, and a very special thanks to the anonymous donor whose support has made this website possible.

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Robert Kehlmann, Website Editor
Founder Berkeley Historical Plaque Project