Bonita Hall


designated in 1977

Bonita Hall

1912 Bonita Ave.

This well-proportioned Georgian Colonial building, with its square rooftop cupola and stunning brickwork, was built by William G. Black, a contractor and brick mason from Maine. The bottom floor was leased as a warehouse, while the second floor lodge hall was used as a meeting place by various fraternal organizations. In 1912 Black added additional warehouse space and a stable to the building. By 1925 the American Legion had taken over the meeting hall, and the ground floor was converted to a garage. The building stood empty during the Depression until the Berkeley YMCA established it as an emergency center to house and feed transients. In 1935 the building was renovated extensively for use as an interior design studio and showroom for fine furnishings. At that time the arched main entry doors and interior finishes were added to complement the stately lines of the building.

Contributed by Berkeley Historical Plaque Project, 2008, 2012

  • Bonita Hall (2011), photo R. Kehlmann.

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