Edward A. Brakenridge House (Bonita House) Plaque

Edward A. Brakenridge House (Bonita House)


1410 Bonita Avenue map it


designated in 1992

Edward A. Brakenridge House

Ira A. Boynton, Designer & Builder (attributed), 1892

Arriving in Berkeley from Massachusetts, Edward Brakenridge bought property that extended to Rose Street for this large Queen Anne-style residence, a stable, and a carriage house. Ira Boynton, like many late nineteenth-century East Bay builders who lacked formal architectural training, created vigorous, sturdy structures without refined ornamentation that followed a “carpenter esthetic.” Parts of the estate were subsequently sold, but Brakenridge family members resided in the house until 1924.

In 1936, the residence was converted and used as a health-related institution for elderly individuals. In 1971, Bonita House purchased the property and established the first rehabilitation facility of its kind in Alameda County for mental health care services.

Berkeley Historical Plaque Project

  • Brakenridge House entry (2010), photo R. Kehlmann.

Photo credit abbreviations:
BAHA: Berkeley Architectural Heritage Assn.
BHS: Berkeley Historical Society