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Ann Chandler Public Health Center


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Berkeley has been at the forefront of providing free health care to those in need since it opened its first public clinic to aid victims of the l906 San Francisco earthquake. It has strived to eliminate inequalities in health care and is one of few California cities that supports their own health jurisdiction rather than relying on county services.

Partly funded in 1916 by UC Regent Phoebe Hearst, the Ann Chandler Public Health Center was designed by city planner Charles H. Cheney. Ann Chandler (1941-2012) was a director of the Alameda County Public Health Laboratory for 25 years and a Berkeley City Council member from 1984 to1992. She backed the creation of a teen health clinic at Berkeley High School, advocated for people with HIV/AIDS, pressed for increased TB testing, and expanded mental health services. Her warmth, knowledge, and respect made Chandler an invaluable crusader for justice.

Berkeley Historical Plaque Project

  • Tom Bates and Ann Chandler front, photo Ron Delaney (1986)

  • Ron Dellums and Ann Chandler, photo Jane Scherr (1986)

  • Ann Chandler Public Health Center interior, photo David Snipper (2017)

  • Ann Chandler, photo courtesy Chandler family (2012)

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