Historical Plaques in Berkeley


Berkeley, California, is situated in a magnificent natural setting, replete with landmark architectural treasures and historic neighborhoods. Our city’s rich history has seemingly been shaped by just the right blend of provocative eccentrics, visionaries, and down-to-earth, hardworking citizens. Berkeley’s attraction to the unconventional and its University of California have nurtured a wide assortment of people: political activists, educators, architects, city planners, builders, scientists, tradesmen, poets, and artists. Their individuality, talent and creativity are the source of our texts.

For convenience, plaques are grouped on this website by geographical area.  E-plaques are located in a section of their own. In reality, there is no underlying order to where plaques are placed throughout Berkeley. Each is the result of a serendipitous process involving Plaque Project outreach, building owners’ interest, and community input. Some of Berkeley’s lesser known buildings and locations have plaques while certain prominent landmarks are without them.

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